Netflix Supports Officially Firefox on Linux

Netflix still now did not official gave support for Linux Users, but it has long been possible to see Netflix on Linux without any complex installations all thanks to Google Chrome. But here’s the good news to Linux user, that the world’s most popular online movie streaming platform has just announced a good news for Linux and Firefox Lovers.

The company had announced in a post that the company continues in improving support for video playback with HTML5, With this update now firefox users can watch Netflix movies, Therefore it is the nd to stories about watching Netflix on Firefox .
To watch Netflix movies now from Firefox browser on Linux, just open the Netflix on your Browser, and accept the installation of the corresponding DRM plugin and nothing more, to enjoy your favourite movies on your computer.

In short, Firefox joins Chrome as a recommended browser to see Netflix in Linux without any complex software installations. But both the browsers still do not offer to support the Full-HD (1080p) playback and are left with simple HD (720p) playback support.

The same goes with the Chromium browser, which does not enjoy support by default, although depending on the distribution is very easy to activate it ; And another by Vivaldi , which unlike Opera “takes” the necessary components of Chrome and Chromium for the benefit of the user, although again depends on the distribution (usually in Ubuntu and derivatives is usually more paved the way).

Which does not offer support by default, of course depending on the Linux distribution it is very easy to activate it on Chromium browser,  And the another browser Vivaldi, which unlike Opera “takes” the required components from Chrome and Chromium for the benefit of the user, but again depends on the distribution. On Ubuntu distribution, it is very easy of course

And Netflix mentions about Linux support for the Chrome browser as there are many configurations which is an hectic process for Netflix to provide support to all the problems on Linux devices.