NSA Hacking Tools are Released to Public by Hackers !!!!

Sorry this is Late Post. I wrote and forgot to Publish.

The hacker group Shadow Brokers has published an encrypted archive with a decrypted password, which contains the NSA hacking tools and exploits used by the NSA team Equation Group. In 2016, she had offered the archive for sale; Now everyone should have access.

In 2016, the hacker group had put the archive for sale on dark market from 1 BTC to 1000BTC; And Now finally made it available for everyone.

The hacker group Shadow Brokers had published on medium in a blog post the password for an encrypted archive that allegedly contains NSA data and tools and was originally intended to be auctioned.

The password for the “eqgrp-auction-file.tar.xz” archive is as follows

CrDj “(Va.*NdlnzB9M?@K2) #> deB7mN

The group initially demanded a million bitcoins for the archive, about 568 million US dollars. However, the auction failed, probably because of scepticism on the part of the interested parties, whether the archive would contain the promised material.

The Hacker Group also written a Open letter to President Trump,In the blog post that “Do not forget your base”, the group does not just name the password, But asks the President Trump to reveal the basis, and the revision of Obamacare, the dismissal of Steve Bannon by the National Security Council, and finally the recent air strike in Syria.

The archive includes a zero-day exploit for Oracle’s Unix system Solaris, the TOAST framework of the NSA TAO team, and the ElectricSlide tool from the NSA Hacker task force Equation Group. The latter is interpreted as a Chinese browser with incorrect Accept-Language.

the Shadow Brokers hacker group had published tools from the NSA in the early August of 2016 .

You can find the code here and also the blog post here.